How to order from 

dbaer's cadillacville

Payment options are as follows:

    The easiest way to order is to call us, at 360-785-4133, and pay with your credit card. Our phone answering hours are: 1:00 to 6:00 PM, PST, Mon-Fri. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.  All orders must be pre-paid before shipment.  Actual shipping and handling charges will apply, from Washington state. Washington state residents must add 7.7% sales tax.

    You can also fax us the information, to 360-785-9346, make sure you include the shipping address, the address where you receive your monthly credit card statement, the name as it reads on the card, the card number and expiration date. For Visa and Mastercard, include 3 digit security number on back of card. For American Express include the four digit printed on number on front of card.

    It is also possible to call us, receive a shipping estimate, and send a money order/cashiers check. Both personal and business check orders are held up to two weeks after date of deposit before shipment. 

    We don't usually do C.O.D. shipments, however, on larger orders we do allow you to make a deposit up front (approximately 50%), then we will ship the balance C.O.D., there is an additional $8.00 fee on C.O.D. orders.

   Our inventory is large, but our work force, while knowledgeable and skillful, is small. Most of our parts are still mounted on the 1,300+ cars we now have, so time will be required for us to find, pull, clean (when applicable), package, then ship your part. We average 3-4 days on most orders, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. It all depends on the number of orders ahead of yours, and the difficulty of each order.  Please take this in to consideration, so you don't call us the day before you "HAVE" to have your part.

Thank you