1967-1968 Steering Wheel Center Pad




Notice Fleetwood and Eldorado emblem includes wreath.

The Chrome outline is an appliqué that tends to become dull gray and/or loosen.

A solution is " bare metal foil " that can be obtained at a hobby/model shop. 

They would probably know someone who is an excellent model builder who could do a very nice job of applying the foil.


This one has the best outline and it is solid.                                           $125.00


              Nice Vinyl, Color is red. Foil loose in spots and dull.                                                   75.00                                      


Vinyl is nice, Color is black foil has a couple loose spots.                                           75.00


Vinyl is nice, Color is black. Foil is mostly dull.                                            $95.00



Vinyl is nice, color is dark blue. Foil needs to be replaced                                               $75.00