Quality Grade


dbaer's cadillacville vast inventory allows us to offer different quality levels, or grades, of parts to our customers.

Grade 1

This is the top level. This would be a very nice part, suitable for extremly nice cars, possibly even show pieces. However, unless they are otherwise marked, these parts are not new, just very nice parts that we have removed from a car.  So, upon close scrutiny, you may be able to detect some very minor flaw.

Grade 2

This level would be very suitable for your above average driver/week end cruiser car. It will be very nice displaying, however, upon close, but not microscopic inspection, you will be able to detect some small defect, such as a few very fine hair line/spider web like lines in a lens, which develop from age. Or possibly a very minor dent/scrape in you bumper parts or wheel covers. Just some mark or spot that keeps it from qualifying for the # 1 level.

Grade 3

This is still above average for your every day driver. These parts will look good from a distance of four to eight feet, or to the casual glance. In lenses you would notice more of the "spider webbing" effect, or a very minor crack-star/chip. The bumper pieces would either have a more noticeable dent, scrape, or a couple smaller ones. It may have "weak" spots (areas that don't polish up quite as shiny) on the chrome, probably a great candidate to rechrome for your "show" car. Still a very nice overall displaying piece.

Grade 4

This is your average, every day driver quality part.  Still decent apearing. Lenses will show significant "spider webbing", more noticeable cracks/chips, or lesser amounts of both. Bumper pieces will show more pitting, minor dents/scratches, but will still be nice, solid, fair displaying pieces.


Grade 5

Generally solid pieces. Not really nice displaying, but usable.