I only have a few Allante literature pieces as you can see below.


  1987-88 Cadillac   'V'   Allante      Factory Parts Manual

This is an original parts & illustration catalog used by a Cadillac dealership, effective May 1988. 15 Sections covering all the parts on an Allante from bumper to bumper. Includes spectacular illustrations and lots of listing pages of product codes. Also various models and feature identifications. Very complete information. Book is just over 1 inch thick.

  1987-89 Cadillac   'V'   Allante     Factory Parts Manual

Effective Septemper 1988. See above for description. Book is 1 5/16 inches thick. Extra pages means extra information.

  Allante BCM Electronics Manual


  Allante BCM Electronics Student Workbook

50 pages, 8.5" x 11"
  1993 Allante Quick Reference Specifications Guide

166 pages, 3.75" x 7"

  1987-1992 Antilock Brake and Traction Control Systems


  1993 Allante Service Manual


  1987-1988 Allante Service Information Manual


  1990 Allante Service Manual $65.95


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