1977 - 1978 Eldorado

dBaer’s Cadillac Ville specializes in original Cadillac parts. Our extensive inventory of retired Cadillac’s allows us to offer a variety of conditions ranging from average driver to excellent. Of course, for higher quality you pay a higher price.

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Front bumper, grill, and lights

Front bumper assembly, grill, headlight assembly, parking lights,
marker corner lights, monitor lights.


Hood, fenders, and front sheetmetal

Hood assembly, fenders with moldings, radiator with core support, power antenna, front end misc. pieces.


Doors and door windows

Door assembly (including glass), switches, bezels, ashtrays.


Other windows, roof, and body

Biarritz moldings, sunroof, convertible top hardware.

 Side Moldings

Vinyl top moldings, convertible top moldings, all other moldings.

Quarter and trunk Deck lid, trunk assembly, quarter panel, convertible quarter window.
Rear bumper. fillers, and lights Rear bumper assembly, rear fillers.
Engine, transmission, and final drive Engine, oil and coolant system, cylinder heads, exhaust system, carburetor, air filter, emission control system, accelerator linkages, fuel injection, fuel tank, final drive, transmission, axles.
Steering, front and rear suspension, and brakes  Steering, front suspension, hub, rotor, rear suspension, brake system, wheel, wheel cover.
Wheel and wheel cover Wheel, wheel cover. (bottom of page)
Dash, column, and dash mounted Dash assembly, steering wheel, steering column, misc. column pieces.
Interior trim and seat Moldings, sun visor, panel assemblies, seat assembly, seat motors.
Options and accessories Climate control system, twilight sentinel, auto dimming, illuminated entry system, theft deterrent, cruise control, ride leveling, wipers.

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